Monday, July 10, 2017

Vision quests

The last 27 months of my life have been a crucible in which the new me has been forged.  I can truly say that I do not feel like the person I was on 3/31/2015.  That person is dead.  I may have commonalities with them, and a shared history, but so much of them has been destroyed/refashioned that I do not feel a connection with them at all.

This is not a cause for mourning, in fact, there were several things about the old me I disliked.  I am hopeful that the person that I am evolving into will be able to successfully navigate the treacherous shoals of later middle age and sail into a relatively comfortable retirement.

One thing I have now is a burning thirst for adventure.  I have an urge to travel the world, and part of my quest for a better job feeds into this.  In the last two years I have been to NYC twice, and I will be going for a third time this weekend. I have visited Canada twice, and will be going a third time in August.   I have traveled to Indiana, and Seattle.  Locally I have gone several places in Boston and on Cape that I would not have bothered with.  Note that this all occurred during a point in my life where I had three concurrent jobs and I was going to college.

On the horizon is a trip to Germany.  I am going to take my mother, who is a world-class budget traveler.  My dear friends Holger and Sabine offered to put us up, after I had discussed an interest in taking a river cruise.

What I have been finding as I explore the whys and wherefores of travel is that commitment is everything.  Doubt slays all plans.  Also, preparation is needed.  As the old Christmas jingle goes, 'even a miracle needs a hand'.  Don't let the scope or cost of a journey put you off.  Visualize what you want to happen, then turn your will towards it.  Plan and prepare, but don't let 'can't' or 'won't' creep in.  Money for these trips always seems daunting, but I find that you somehow find a way to get it done.  Time as well, but once you set the dates in time you find your schedule will wrap around the plan.

The mind is a marvelous instrument.  I truly believe that we all have the power to bend the world to our will, if we just have the faith to do it.

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