Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Time, thou art fleeting

So, I blinked and two months flew by.  I had wanted to do more with this blog, but I got caught up in the whirl of holiday planning, end of semester working,  and juggling three jobs.  Ah well, so be it.  One can only do what one can, and try to keep going.  I will continue to try and work on my creative writing, even if it seems to be difficult for me to get going.

So, personal notes:  I was finally hired full time  Yay me!  I still have three jobs, but now one comes with vacation time and health care.  I have also safely navigated through the holidays, and I continue to work towards my degree.

As 2017 looms, I want to work on compiling some of my work that hasn't made it to digital form yet.  We shall see how things go.

Until then, dear lurkers, I shall keep rolling along.