Friday, October 14, 2016

More questions from Owen Stephens

A shout out to my main man Drejk for pointing out that more of these were up.  You can look at his great blog here

#31. Name a movie you don’t like that you think would be fun to play through as a roleplaying game sessions. Name a movie you love you think wouldn’t be fun as an rpg session.

Hmmm.   I'm going to pick two Kurt Russell flicks.  Escape From LA, which was kinda lame, but would make an interesting RPG session.  And Big Trouble in Little China.  Great movie, don't know how you could RP it.

#32. If you had to choose, on a specific night, between a satisfying conclusion to a storyline, or a major advancement of the rule-supported effectiveness of your character, which would you be more likely to select? What factors could alter that situation? 

I'm  all about the story, 'bout the story, no munchkin ...

#33. What’s something that happens in genre fiction a lot that never (or almost never) happens in a roleplaying game, and you’d like to experience in an rpg.

Saving the world.  Common enough trope, never seems to happen in a game.  I'd like to toss the One Ring into Mt. Doom once, just to be THAT guy.

#34. What’s something that happens a lot in roleplaying games, that you would rather not experience again (for whatever reason, and don’t feel you must explain).

Watching my socially-awkward peers try to pick up imaginary barmaids at the tavern.  No, you don't get cool points for making out with a stat collection.  Just sayin'

#35. What is a specific event that occurred in an RPG session that at first you didn’t think you’d enjoy, but you did. Discuss why it exceeded your expectations.

Being turned into a vampire.  An approximation of my real self that is.  I didn't think it would work so well, but we played that game for a year.

#36. Discuss a game session you were looking forward to that you did not enjoy. Discuss why you didn’t enjoy it, and what you think could have been handled differently to make it more fun.

I was looking forward to a game session at GenCon, but I got a newbie GM, and she sadly didn't meet my expectations.  The game was railroady, and the party was saddled with the quasi-godlike former character of the GM.  Who kept up a running commentary of our failings.  Handled differently?  Um, just not do those things mostly.

#37. How much backstory do you normally give your characters (PCs or major NPCs)? Why? How would you feel about being asked to produce a different amount (both more, and less)?

I try to sketch out a basic background, then let it get filled up organically through playing the character.  If a GM wants more (or less) I don't have a problem with that.

#38. Is there a kind of story element you’d love to see in a game you are currently playing you feel that game’s rules don’t handle well? Do you have an idea for rules to handle it?

Pathfinder doesn't handle weapon scaling very well.  I'd love to see a way for weapons to grow with the characters, rather than them trading up all the time.  3.5 had Weapons of Legacy, which I thought was an interesting stab at the mechanical side of it, and I'd love to see Pathfinder try it.

#39. Is there a kind of story element you feel is caused by the rules of a game you are currently playing that you’d rather have less of, or avoid entirely? Do you have ideas how to avoid that rules element in that game system?

Well, the whole "Big encounter is over in two rounds" seems to be a problem in my games.  I try to power up the bosses a bit to combat this, but my players are a devious bunch.  They always have a lot of firepower at their fingertips

#40. Discuss what kinds of themes a roleplaying game can have. What are some of your favorite themes? Which themes do you dislike, or are bored with?

Collection quests are a favorite of mine, as are mysteries to solve.  Themes like finding loot and "Village needs your help" kind of themes are overplayed IMO.  I also enjoy the Frontier paladin theme:  New settlement in the wild, needs a strong lawful type to keep order and fight the monsters.

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