Thursday, September 29, 2016

The third set of Owen's questions!

Third installment in Owen KC Stephen's questionnaire.  Link here

21. Do players have a responsibility to the GM or other players to help them have fun? 

Yes.  Gaming is a collaborative effort.  If you want to be selfish or disruptive at my table, I feel no compunction in asking you to leave.  I am not obligated to entertain you, and the party members are not obligated to either.

22. If you knew an action your character was about to take would upset the GM or another player (not an NPC or PC, but the actual people at the table), and not taking that action would be out of character, would you still have your character act that way? Would you discuss the action with the people you thought it would upset, either before of after taking it.

That is a tough call.  I do believe in being true to a character.  However, it can be discussed beforehand.  There shouldn't be any 'surprises' with how you are acting.  A good GM should predict how events will transpire with the PCs as they are played.  Trying to avoid conflicts that will cause player to player conflict is part of the GM's role.

 23. If you like the idea of a campaign of evil characters, discuss reasons players in general might not enjoy such a game. If you dislike the idea of a campaign of evil characters, discuss reasons players in general might find such a game fun.

I like the idea of playing evil characters, but I can see why some wouldn't.  It takes a special brand of roleplayer to pull it off, especially because an evil party can disintegrate into a backstabbingfest quite easily.  There's too much chance of feeling being hurt, or boundaries being crossed.  Many people don't enjoy even imaginary descriptions of heinous acts.  You have to take the sensibilities of your group into consideration.  Personally I think you could paly an evil campaign if there was an external threat of pressure that could keep the party members allied in adversity.  Neil Litherland discusses a situation like this >here<.

24. Paper or plastic? Now defend the answer as a heroic champion of all that is good and right. Now answer as a conniving scoundrel. Now answer as a master scholar. Now answer as a violent antisocial psychopath. Explain why you answered as you did in those personas.


Champion:  Plastic is a scourge on our planet!  We must band together to rid ourselves of this heinous pollutant!

Scoundrel: WHy use those flimsy plastic rags?  Paper bags are sturdy, fashioned of natural products, and will do a better job!  Plastic is old hat, and a useless product.

Master scholar:  Studies show that plastic remains in the biosphere for over 500 years.  Paper is biodegradable.  Plastic also threatens wildlife with strangulation and accidental ingestion.

Psychopath:  You want to use plastic?  How would you like it if I wrapped that plastic bag around your head and strangled your worthless ass?  Not so keen on it now, are you scumbag?

25. If a player consistently and definitely has worse luck than any other player or the GM, and that makes the game less fun for them, should the GM or other players make any special rules to compensate for that player’s unluck?

Ohter than buy him some new dice, no.  That sets up a feeling of unfairness and a lack of impartiality.

26. If you knew another player was cheating, and it didn’t seem to impact the enjoyment anyone else was having, how would you handle that?

I would take them aside alone and discuss it.  I would note that cheating cheapens any success, and that if caught no one would trust them again and every critical they rolled, fair or no from that point on would be suspect.

27. If you knew the GM was altering die rolls or NPC statistics, how would you handle that? 

That would depend.  If the GM was trying to smooth the narrative I wouldn't have an issue.  If he was Mary-Sueing an NPC to keep them from being beaten, or trying to 'punish' a PC with some manufactured bad luck, that's another story all together.

28. If you found the out-of-character actions of another player was making the game not enjoyable for you, how would you handle that? What if it was the GM? How would you like other players or the GM to handle the situation if you are the one making a game unfun for someone else?

I'd bring it up to them.  If they persisted, I would no longer play with them.  Player and/or GM. Life is too short to have a bad time when you are trying to have a good time.  I'll go read a book or watch a TV show instead.  If I was doing it I would hope it would be brought to my attention.  Because it wouldn't be on purpose, and I would change the action.

29. If you found a character concept or the actions of another player’s character was making the game not enjoyable for you, how would you handle that? What if it was the GM and an NPC? How would you like other players or the GM to handle the situation if your character is the one making a game unfun for someone else?

I think I would handle this exactly as I had question 28.

30. Name one gaming-related pet peeve of yours that you admit is unreasonable.

I don't like gnomes.  I am also not a fan of the 'jokey' player, who breaks the fourth wall, or has his character quote movies and do anachronistic things.  It just irks me.  

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