Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Next set of questions from Owen KC Stephens

Another set of interesting questions from the mind of Owen KC Stephens.Link Here

11-20 Hidden Genre Preferences

It’s easy to talk about our favorite movies and television programs, but there’s some useful information in other things we like as well.
  1. What is your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon? What is your favorite animation you don’t consider a Saturday Morning Cartoon?
I grew up during the Golden Age of Saturday Morning cartoons.  My favorite hands down was Thundarr the Barbarian.  I got my love of the post-apocalyptic genre from that show.  I would say that these days I like Archer  or Rick and Morty.

12. What is your favorite commercial?

Hmm.. Tough one.  I'm not a big commercial guy, but you can't really go wrong with the Superbowl commercials.

13. What is your favorite book cover (fiction or nonfiction)?

The Years of Rice and Salt.  Also a kick-ass book. 

14. What is your favorite toy?

Growing up, my Legos.  They were just generic blocks back then, no kits, but I made a zillion things from them.

15. What is your favorite television show or movie that you think is objectively bad?

Hmm.  I have a taste for bad TV and movies. The Six-Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman,   most of the 50's horror films (including SciFi).
 16. What is your favorite book series with 6 or more books in it?

Harry Turtledove's Timeline-191 series.  He brings America from a Southern Victory all the way through to a bizarre alternate WWII with the USA and CSA at each other's throats the whole way. Eleven books in that series.

17. What is your favorite story (book, TV, movie, or otherwise) that you hate the ending to? What ending would you have preferred?

I didn't like the way Whedon wrapped up Firefly in the movie Serenity.  It felt kind of wrong to me.

18. What story (book, TV, movie, or otherwise) did you love when you were younger, but have since come to dislike? Why do you think your opinion changed?

I enjoyed the Hardy Boys when I was younger, but I tried rereading one of them a few years ago and found the stories very lame, even for a 'children's' series.  I think I just cant get past the writing.  It is really bad.

19. What RPG that you hate the rules for do you most love the setting of?

Vampire the Masquerade.  The setting is fantastic, but the rules are very hard to work with.  Of course the game is meant to be more roleplaying than anything else, but you do want to have a good firefight once in a while ..

20. What RPG that you hate the setting of do you most love the rules for?

I love Pathfinder, but I don't like their default world of Golarion.  It's a real 'kitchen sink' setting, with funhouse-mirror societies of Earth dotting the landscape.  It lacks verisimilitude IMO.

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