Monday, August 8, 2016


Welcome.  My name is Patrick Curtin, and this is my new blog.  I have never blogged before,  not really.  I have spent some time writing things, and posting on various forums, and being an online hangabouter.  A little about me:

I have always loved the written word.  Sometimes, too much.  At one point I had a library of about 2,000 books.  I was very happy reading, but I always wished I could also write.  The problem was, I never had the self confidence to actually follow through.  I had convinced myself that I was no good.  I knew I was a passable writer.  I worked as a journalist and the editor of a largish weekly tabloid for years while in the military.  I used to get 2-4 stories a week in the can.  But, when it came to a personal story, I never seemed to make it work.

Thus things went on as I became a civilian and entered a very strange phase of my life I call the Noughts.  For reasons I will remain quiet on for the moment, a lot of things acted on me to keep me unproductive from 2000-2010.  At that point I began my journey of self improvement, but there are a lot of miles to go.  It is 2016, and one of my main goals is to hone my writing craft.  Ergo, blog.

So, what can you, casual scanner or obligated acquaintance, expect to see here?  Well, I have many interests.  I might write some fiction.  I might do a little game design.  I already have some interesting stuff on my own fantasy homebrew campaign I might dust off.  Maybe I'll cross pollinate with other folks I know who are involved in these things.  The main thing is to get in the habit of putting words to (virtual) paper.  Writing is a skill like anything else:  You must practice it.  This is my new dojo.

So, if you are interested, I will be attempting to post things here on a daily basis.  We shall see how things evolve.  I'd enjoy any feedback, constructive criticism, shoutouts, bribes, or anything else you'd like to contribute.  Thank you for giving me a read!

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